Mold release agents for RUBBER application . . . . Defom® and Arcadsil® Brand:

Arcad Chemicals deliver wide range of mold release for Rubber application,
as tubes, mat's . . . etc.

We offer therfor our waterborne mold release:

Silicone free:

Defom W88
Defom W77


Silicone based:

Arcadsil 23 90 W100
Arcadsil 23 90 W200
Arcadsil W 28 39
Arcadsil W 07 36


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General information about Synthetic rubber:


Synthetic rubber is any type of artificial elastomer, invariably a polymer. An elastomer is a material with the mechanical (or material) property that it can undergo much more elastic deformation under stress than most materials and still return to its previous size without permanent deformation. Synthetic rubber serves as a substitute for natural rubber in many cases, especially when improved material properties are required.


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