This is what we can do for you

You know what counts when you're dealing with suppliers: competence, quality, flexibility and speed.

We specialize in the production and distribution of modern, environmentally compatible release agents for industrial uses.

  • Arcad Chemicals is your one-stop supplier providing you with:
  • Support in selecting and/or configuring your product(s)
  • In-depth application and technical advice
  • Development of formulations according to your specifications
  • Production of finished product
  • Filling/packaging, labeling, palleting and shipping

Our people have been serving renowned customers for over 30 years. To ensure that our knowledge and know-how continuously reflect the latest state of the art, we are maintaining a number of active memberships in relevant industry associations as well as keeping ourselves up to date via international information systems.
Arcad Chemicals has established a company-wide quality management system certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 industrial standards.

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