We aim to please! Our extra services for you!

Reliable supply, just-in-time deliveries and company – wide quality assurance based on our certified QM system are fundamentals of Arcad Chemicals business. These essentials are complemented by a wide range of value – adding services we are pleased to provide whenever you have particular needs or requirements above and beyond or standard portfolio.

We will provide you with the following services:

  • Formulations based on your specifications
  • Additivations
  • Filling/packaging of products into universal or your own containers
  • Complete handling, including labeling requirements
  • Palletising and
  • Load – and – go (direct) deliveries

When it comes to shipping quantities, we are flexible as well. Whether large or small – we will deliver our products to you in any desired lot size. From single bottle, barrels and IBC’s all the way to jumbo tank wagons (in combinations as well):
Trust us to come up with the optimum solution to serve you.

Please talk to us - we look forward to your call! +49 4121 268 339 or send an mail to  info@arcadsil.com