Individual production for appropriate and competent treatment!

Besides release agents, we offer a wide range of wax-, solvent- and soap-based care products. These include
automotive-, gloss-wax-emulsions and floor-waxes, dubbings, shoe polish or whisk-waxes. Concerning care products individual advice and flexible development and production are being emphasized.

Automotive-waxes: the effective guard from soil
Specially produced automotive-waxes serve for a specific appropriate and competent treatment of automobiles. Apart from a protecting sealing of auto paint, fading of scars, rust and rockfall, automotive-waxes, washing-paste and polishes offer an effective protection from environmental impact. They significantly contribute to an automobile’s worth preservation.

Gloss-wax-emulsions: brightness without further polishing
Gloss-wax-emulsions are water-based, mainly carnauba-waxes and builds up a thin, glossy wax-coating on surfaces, without needing further polishing.

Floor-waxes: polishes for a shiny appearance
Floor-waxes are solvent-based care products being used for parquet floors. Solvent or firm, they give a glossy face to surfaces and have a polishing effect.

Dubbings: care and guard for all leather products
Leather lives and breathes. When being treated with special greasing care products, leather gets flexible, softer, elastic and imperishable. The Arcad Chemicals GmbH produces greases for leather clothing, leather furniture, car seats, etc.

Shoe polish: versatility for customer’s needs
If in tins or tubes, if black, brown or white, if water-based or solvent-based: The range of product of the Arcad Chemicals GmbH is versatile in the field of shoe polishes. As well the range is always being actualized to meet customers’ wishes.

Whisk-waxes: gloss-waxes for special brightness
Whisk-waxes are gloss-wax emulsions that have a re-waxing, glossy effect besides of a cleansing effect. These care products are being used in private households, in professional cleaning business and cleaning industrial floors.

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