Special cleaning due to highest effectively

The possibilities of production and fields of application are versatile. Thus we offer an individualized production of window- and sanitary-detergents, bio-, vinegar- and citric-based detergents, multi-purpose detergents, but also neutral soaps or special detergents such as silicon-, rim- or motor-detergents. A rigid quality control and highly effective substances guarantee an optimum efficiency to specifically clean foster and protect. No dangers to health and environmentally-friendly mechanisms of production are always emphasized.

Window-detergents: stripe-free brightness guaranteed

The range of window–detergents is based on alcohol-detergents with decalcifying additives aiming for high soil-eliminating powers, efficient cleansing and stripe-free brightness.

Sanitary-detergents: reliable in any living sphere

Sanitary-detergents are being used in almost every sphere, including private households, public institutions or industries. These special products distinguish themselves through a high soil-eliminating-power and a high disinfecting effect. They serve within the elimination of water-, urinal or chalk-sedimentation, rust and even fog.

Bio-detergents: high cleansing effects, kind to the environment and human skin

Bio-detergents are being produced from biodegradable raw materials. Therefore they are absolutely harmless in the manufacturing process and for our health, but these detergents still offer a high cleansing effect.

Vinegar-based detergents: the all–round talent

A well-known and traditional sort of detergents are vinegar-based detergents. The popular multi-purpose detergent and sometimes `homemade` product serves as a special cleanser when eliminating chalk on armatures, wash basins, showers or bath tubs. Besides the decalcifying effect, vinegar-based detergents also offer a disinfecting effect.

Citric-based detergents: the primary rock of detergents

Based on citric acid, Arcad Chemicals GmbH produces citric-based detergents that like vinegar-based detergents are a kind of primary rocks of detergents. Citric–cleansers are being used when cleaning sanitary areas, rinse aids in dishwashers and have an odour–relieving and disinfecting effect just as vinegar–based products.

Perpex-detergents: Special cleansers for special surfaces

Perplex-detergents are solvent-based detergents being developed especially for the treatment of perplex surfaces. These cleansers avert strain-caused corrosion and smoothens edges and kerbs via the usage of mild abradants. Surfaces then again appear to be smooth and just as new.

Multi-purpose detergents: the all–round cleanser among detergents

Multi-purpose detergents are based on soaps and are all–round talents and universally applicable. Despite of economical dosage, multi-purpose detergents offer a high sole-relieving power and are extremely skin-friendly and fragrance-neutral. They can also have disinfecting effects.

Neutral-soap: special mildness for the environment and human skin

Neutral-soap is a particularly environmental-friendly and skin-friendly all-purpose detergent, ph-neutral and thus very mild. All surfaces such as wood, stone, plastics or textiles can be treated with neutral soap.

Carpet-detergents: deep cleansing for carpets

Carpet-detergents can be distinguished in soap cleansers, powder detergents, spraying vacuums and soap-free detergents. They all reliably remove traces of use and persistent contamination. Deep-cleansing, odour–removal and hygienic neatness are effects of these products.

Special detergents: special cleansing for special needs

Special applications need special detergents. Arcad Chemicals GmbH individually develops specific cleansers for their customers, for instance silicon-, rim- or motor-cleansers. The company always reacts on special demands with the flexible development of new detergents. 

  • Silicon-detergents: the secure guard from dirt

    Concerning on differing compositions, silicon-detergents can be used for any surface. These products reliably remove silicon-remains and protects from any kind of contamination.

  • Rim-detergents: the best products for shiny rims

    To achieve shiny rims, special rim-detergents should be applied. For aluminum- and steel-rims different products are needed. Oil, grease and dirt can ideally be removed with these special cleansers.

  • Motor-detergents: the secure removement of oil-remains

    To fully clean motors, motor-detergents are being applied. They especially remove oil-remains

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