Waxes: an inexhaustable range of products

Wax products could not be any more numerous or versatile. Besides of many different waxes like starin, montan, carnauba or beeswax, …etc., there is a number of possible wax-formulas and mixtures. Thus, as a competent and experienced wax-product-manufacturer, we offer a wide spectrum of wax-based products that can be specially adjusted to customers? needs.

Wax Polish base:
Ready to use base for the preparation of polishing agent for metall parts and surfaces as our products DEFOM E5079-4 and DEFOM E5079-8 are universal type and are the most popular polishing agent. For more information please contact us or look to the product information.  DEFOM E5079-4

 Wax paint: colour shades for candles
Wax paints are being used to dye candle-wax. On the one hand this can occur via liposoluble paints with UV-sensitiveness or via pigments. The usage of latter whereas is not part of the productional program.

Wick-waxes: essentials for tea warmer candles
Wick-waxes find their special usage in waxing wicks of tea warmer candles.

Dipping-wax-concentrates: a breath of color
To give average household candles a special coating or to dye uncolored candles, special dipping-way-concentrates are being used.

Candle-waxes: for the most charming way of light
Candle-wax products can be based on different base materials such as paraffin, stearin, beeswax or their mixtures. The harder or softer the quality, different paraffin’s are built up that have different consistencies, for example there are mould waxes or plasticine mold waxes.

Relief-waxes: for handicraft out of wax
Relief-waxes rarely are being used when producing candles but mainly in handicraft or candle stamping. They are being used to cast reliefs, eternalise copper-engraving-like motives in wax and to preserve these pictures.

Stick-waxes: the highly adhesive waxes
Stick-waxes are special waxes with a high adhesion to be applied on candles.

Modelling-waxes: material of artists and sculptors
Modelling-waxes serve as special waxes for artists or sculptors. Modelling-waxes exist in various colours and degrees of hardness, are easily kneadable, leveled out or stenciled. Besides they give a 3-d-effect to candles.

Ski-waxes: for a smooth slide downhill
Ski-waxes are being applied on the coating of skis and snowboards. This increases the slippage of these pieces of sports equipment. Ski-waxes are offered as hot- and cold-waxes and differ in their melting temperature, preservation and usage.

Aroma-waxes: wellness effects and aroma therapy
Waxes like aroma-waxes are as well an important factor of wellness-products.

Antique-waxes: for the beauty of the old
Antique furniture needs a special treatment. Antique waxes preserve antique furniture, enhance the wooden beauty and give a preserving coating to surfaces.

Furniture-waxes: guard for any furniture
Not only antique furniture need special and thorough treatment. New furniture also gets a preserving coating by using furniture-waxes. These have a polishing effect and make material more resistant.

Bio-wax-glaze: natural raw materials for a benefit of the environment
Bio-wax-glace is based on natural raw material and environmentally-friendly production. They mainly come into use in the treatment of wood, mainly outdoors. Products can be based on either linseed oil or alkyd-resins.

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