Floor coatings: competent sealings and impregnations!

Floor coatings like wax- and epoxy-resin-coatings, epoxy-sealings, PU-impregnation, -sealings and -coatings aim at sealing and impregnating floors and making them more resistant.

Wax-coating: just the right treatment for industrial floors
Special wax-coating can be chromoblitz-emulsions. These are special wax-solutions for industrial floors that can differ in their colouring.

Epoxy-resin-coating: guard for high stress
Epoxy-resin-coatings are bi-component products based on epoxy-resin. They can prevent industrial floors from mechanical and chemical stress, can be slip-inhibiting and prevent the floor from blistering.

Epoxy-covering: protection and prevention for floors
Epoxy-covering is bi-componential just as epoxy-resin-sealings. They can protect surfaces from abrasion or chemical treatment as well as weathering effects.

PU-impregnation: groundings with moisture-hardening effects
PU-impregnations or Poly-Uretan-impregnations are colourless, dissolver-containing and moisture-hardening groundings. They can be used for grounding concrete, screed and cement to protect these surfaces from abrasion, sand, chemical -or oil-spills.

PU-sealing: protection for wood and plastics
PU-sealing or Polyurethane-sealing is a watery, colorless, mainly silk or matt product that seals wood or plastics. They protect from UV-rays, weathering, abrasion and mould.

PU-coating: elastic coatings for surfaces
PU-coatings are coloured, abrasion resistant, elastic coatings protecting surfaces from abrasion or bouncing impacts.

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