a beneficiation for body and mind

Wax is not only part of candles but as well an important element in the production of cosmetics and wellness products. On customer demands we produce precious massage-oils, aroma-waxes and sauna infusions. Always based on well – tested ingredients. Ethereal and skin-caring goods benefit in relaxation, regeneration and stimulation and are certainly beneficial for body and mind.

Sauna infusions: the special ingredients out of etherical oils
Sauna infusions are the soothing composition of etherical oils that can be relaxing or health-promoting during a visit at the sauna. The possibilities of composition are versatile. The creation of high-quality substances is always granted.

Massage-oils: the perfect relaxation
Etherical oils are also being used when producing massage-oils. Besides a higher lubrication of hands and skin, ingredients take a skin-caring, relaxing and stress-relieving effect. On customer demand, precious ingrediences are converted into high-class products.

Aroma-waxes: various areas of application but constant quality
Aroma waxes are mainly used in nail care studios but also for aroma therapy. Precious ingredients and flexible compositions are always guaranteed.

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