OILS, Special treatment for natural and untreated products

Oil Based care products is great for treating natural, untreated products. Special teak-, furniture-care- or floor-oils prevent wood from dehydrating and protects them form weathering and UV-rays.

Teak-oil: back to a natural wood colour
Teak is extremely light-sensitive. After a few months the wood?s natural colour starts to fade due to the influence of light, humidity and oxygen. Special teak-oils can help to regain the natural colour and to darken the wood again.

Furniture-care-oil: resistance for woods
Furniture-care-oils makes wood more resistant, diffusionable and antistatic. Besides that they can deepen and brighten the natural wooden structure and colour.

Floor-oils: guarding and caring of wooden floors
Floor-oils can take special care of cork and softwood floors. It makes the floor more hard-wearing against dirt, abrasion and water-spills.

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