Industrial care, products for any need!

Arcad Chemicals GmbH offers a wide, versatile range of industrial care products. From wax-release-agents and basic detergents to special and cold cleaner liquids, floor oils or chromoblitz-emulsions and cleaning flakes. This range of products serves to almost any customer’s wish or need.

Basic detergents: flexible tensides
Basic detergents are based on tensides, which can either be water- or solvent-based detergents have an anti-greasing and wax-resolving effect.

Floor oils: impregnation of industrial floors
Special floor oils are used to make industrial floors hard-wearing against dust and dirt and have an impregnating effect.

Special detergents: for persistent dirt
Just as basic detergents, special detergents are based on a water- or solvents. Special detergents are used to remove persistent dirt like paint, chalk or rust.

Cold cleaner liquids: high efficiency for a high cleansing function
Just like motor-detergents, cold cleaner liquids have a degreasing and cleansing function. They are often used to clean parts of machines.

Chromoblitz-emulsions: wax-solvents in various colors

Chromoblitz-Emulsions are wax-solvents that can be dyed in various colors.

Cleaning flakes: special cleansing and re-caring of floors
Cleaning flakes serve for a special cleansing and re-touching of floors. The different neutral-KEHRSPAENE, waxes, emulsions and oils have a highly dust-binding effect.


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